Festival Artists


Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin

Returning by popular demand. The youthful bluegrass sound will fill your heart and you’ll find yourself dancing!!

Hailing from Grass Valley California, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin are a fresh approach to the folk/americana/bluegrass roots scene. Originally and currently members of Anderson Family Bluegrass, Paige (18), Aimee (16), Ethan (13) and Christy Anderson (Mom) have been traveling around the US and playing at various well known festivals and venues since 2004. Embarking on their own adventure now, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin features strong sibling harmonies with vocal styles resembling music from the Appalachian Mountains and powerful original songs.


The Gospel Motivators

Will BLOW your hair back and tears will come to your eyes from the gospel rhythm and blues of The Gospel Motivators, experience the event!!

The Motivators have been praising God in song since 1968. Three of the original members are still with the group. In 2005 The Motivators were named “Best Gospel Group in Northern California.”  They are a quartet group with a smooth harmony that comes only from many years of singing together.

Allen Robinson, pastor of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Sacramento, is the group’s spiritual and vocal director. The Motivators have spread their gospel message at musical programs all over the West Coast. With God’s blessing, they will continue singing His praises for many more years.


Priesthood Nation

A unique quartet from the Bay Area offering the sounds of gospel, reggae, soul and funk……unique to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada! 

Priesthood Nation was formed March 2011.  This group has a uniqueness that sets them apart from traditional Gospel Quart groups.  Although Priesthood Nation is a Bay Area group, they have performed with national acts; Grammy Award Winner – Mavis Staples; Paul Beasley & The Gospel Keynotes; Gospel legend, Luther Barnes; and, Tramaine Hawkins. 

Priesthood Nation loves ministering their music which has components of Gospel, Reggae, Soul & Funk.  Their fans love the way they mix these styles to create new and innovative Gospel.


Sons of Salvation’s History

Their music is reminiscent of a Soulful Southern Quartet sound layered with a 70’s R&B groove!

The Sons of Salvation of Sacramento is composed of Nine-(9) active Members.  The original group was formed in 1998 at McClellan AFB by Terry White and Bill Anderson out of love of Gospel Music and the desire to utilize our God given talents to praise God through music and hopefully revive Gospel Singing to the Sacramento Area.We reorganized in 1999 and have gone through numerous changes.  But we are still here and we will endure to the end.   We have sung in churches from the Bay to greater Los Angeles.

The Sons of Salvation of Sacramento shared the stage with some of the best artist in the County such as Mary Mary, Jackson Southernaires, Five Blind Boys, Highway QC’s and too many more to mention.


The Aaron Gayden Band

Offering funkatized harmonics, styles from jazz, R&B, rock and roll and the worship that will touch your soul!!

We are a multi-faceted live and recording band. From solo act to seven piece (and more and everything in between) we have you covered. R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Dance, Pop and MORE!
Wanderlust Music: Songwriting/Arranging/MIDI & Vocal Production/Music Realization
We take your songs and musical ideas and bring them to life! We can also create sheet music so you can introduce your music to a backing band or ready your music for publication.


The Glory Seekers

         You’ll be captivated by the sound of their bluesy choir instrumentation!

The Glory Seekers consists of vocals, guitar, harmonica, and percussions.  Band Leader, Jake Martin, played with many bands including Little Richard, Greg Kihn, Blue Cheer.  RJ Storey plays an excellent harmonica and has played with some very influential players. Our background singers have sung in various bands including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  We play covers and originals….from gospel to rock!



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